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Vendor Spotlight

Check back regularly to learn about our vendors, their stories and their products.



Pavilion Gifts 

Pavilion’s adage: create desirable, high-quality, innovative, and thoughtful gifts for every occasion. Our gift items propelled us to the forefront of development and distribution in North America. We also have strong relationships with our distributors. Pavilion offers over 4,500 unique gift items. We are committed to creating great experiences with all of our customers.


Fern Valley Soaps, located in Ferndale, CA, is a proud creator and supplier of handmade soaps for Humboldt County and surrounding regions. They have been making soaps since 2012 on the farm where the founder’s family has lived for five generations.

Handmade goat milk soaps made with all-natural essential oils. They have exfoliating scrubs, aggressive hand cleaners, and mild gentle soaps for delicate skin. Also, a sudsy natural shampoo for the dog.

Humboldt Hands is an aggressive industrial strength hand soap. It is a natural luxury soap for working hands made of farm fresh goats’ milk, coconut, almond, olive, and palm kernel oils, with shea butter. It is tough on grease, grime, tree sap barn muck and plant resins. This is a great smelling soap that really works. A favorite for mechanics, carpenters, painters, farmers, fishermen, and gardeners. Available in 4 classic fragrances, 3 all-natural essential oil fragrances, and fragrance free.

These soaps are wrapped beautifully for great gift giving.




Two Lumps of Sugar is one of the  newest vendors working at DandyLines. Here is their company story:

Just imagine what a dream can turn into! We started the Two Lumps of Sugar, Inc. brand in 2005 in New York City, with award winning designers and an expert technical team that has been dreaming and creating together on many projects for over 20 years.

Every product and design is born from our passion to make fun, beautiful products with optimum functionality. We dream in color and pattern, always seeking to create exceptional, unusual products that bring a smile to your face and help you get up and go so you can go live your dreams. Each copyrighted design and trademarked product has a story, dream and life experience behind it.

The Two Lumps of Sugar team uses our extensive training in textiles, product development, quality control and design to create home goods and totes for consumers and wholesale customers throughout the world. We specialize in designing and manufacturing aprons for the whole family, adult bibs, totes and organizer bags, and collapsible storage solutions with a twist. Fashion aprons and adult bibs are made with our signature-coated finish to keep clothing clean and dry, collapsible storage bins are made with recycled materials making them eco-friendly and our “Trunkey” organizer totes can be used on their own or with a thermal liner to carry food.

Perfection by Design

At Two Lumps of Sugar, we also work with many companies on the wholesale level to create exclusive private-label and custom designs, colors, and packaging. Whether you are shopping for custom gifts or simply want to show off your logo, you can find it all at Two Lumps of Sugar.

We offer one-of-a-kind, personalized products for a vast selection of items. From custom promotional totes to logo placement or creating a completely new product design, we transform your visions into a truly custom item.

Our designers and expert production staff understand the needs of this fast-paced, ever-changing industry.

From your initial concept to the final shipping, all steps of the design and production processes are taken care of by our people, our way. It is this exceptional attention to detail that ensures you that every Two Lumps of Sugar item is made with the love, care, and quality that you deserve.

We are now based in Cary, NC with a small New York office, and remain dedicated to our craft with new dreams every day!

Check out their catalogs! TWO LUMPS OF SUGAR CATALOG

                                               TWO LUMPS OF SUGAR SOUP OR MUGS



THAT! works to provide innovative, convenient solutions for your kitchen, dining room, and life. With its design oriented eye, it scrutinizes consumer needs and simplifies what needs to be done. Combining material technology with lifestyle aesthetics, it creates products replete with everyday practicality, great design, and advanced technology, for solutions that appeal to your senses and restore ease to the hustle and bustle of contemporary living.

THAT! first focused on temperature vs. time. Using a combination of material technology, industrial design, and lifestyle aesthetics, it created a series of innovative, convenient kitchenware and dining products that help make life simpler and better. When first faced with our avant-garde designs, most people can’t help but exclaim, “Wow! That’s amazing!”






DandyLines is delighted to have Cuddle Barn as one of our amazing vendors. The Cuddle Barn collection features high quality materials, cutting edge animation and entertaining sounds and popular songs.


See what they have to say about their products:

Cuddle Barn is the industry leader in Animated Musical Plush.  Our plush feature popular songs from classics to contemporary hits, along with many popular children’s tunes. We use high quality plush that is soft to the touch, while including cute details in the products that enhance the overall experience.

Cuddle Barn’s singing plush is the perfect gift for any occasion.  We offer items in several categories including holidays, birthdays, get well, and everyday occasions.  Some of our best sellers are from our baby and child’s play collections.

Our unique animated gifts bring instant fun and laughter into your stores and will keep customers coming back for more.


Here are some of their Top Sellers:


How about a great Valentine’s Day Promotion?????

We think you are going to love Cuddle Barn as much as we do!